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Q What does a typical conversion cost?

A . Theres no easy answer to that as every conversion is unique. After one simple site visit (in the evening if that's more convenient for you) we will be able to tell you exactly what yours will cost, together with a scale floor plan. What we give you is a fixed price quotation, not a vague statement. It's free of charge and there's no commitment.  

Q. Will there be enough space under my roof?

A. Yes, provided the underside of your roof apex, measured from the floor of your loft, is at least 7' (2.1 metres).

Q. But my roof is one of those modern types, supported by rows of zig-zag timber strip?

A. They're called trussed roofs, which require specialist structural knowledge to convert (that's why some companies won't attempt them). In fact, we specialise in trussed roofs and over the years have converted many of them!

Q. Who supervises the work?

A. The management team, who perform regular site visits. They have a personal interest in maintaining the highest quality standards have practical 'hands on' experience in all aspects of building loft conversions.

Q What about planning permission?

A. All conversions have to comply with building regulations but you may also require planning permission. But don't worry; we take care of all that. Because we have over 25 years experience and because we specialise exclusively in loft conversions, we really do know the process inside out. We will prepare and submit the drawings complete with structural calculations and liaise with the local authority on your behalf.

Q How complete is the service you offer?

A. We do everything from design to completion. Once we have completed your conversion, you are ready to decorate and add the carpets, the finishing touch!

Q How long will it all take?

A. That depends on whether you need planning permission and how quickly your local authority takes to grant it. However, construction for a typical conversion is normally complete within 3 - 6 weeks. So, you could be in your new bedroom, office, study or playroom in just a few months from now.

Q. How much disruption is involved?

A. We keep it to an absolute minimum. We use external scaffolding, with materials taken in through the roof, rather than through your property. Every day we leave your home clean and tidy. There's no need to move out and life goes on with the minimum of disruption.

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